The first thing Curtis Smith did when he was elected chairman of the Spartanburg GOP was to open a county party office inside the business offices of former chairman Rick Beltram.  This is problematic for Spartanburg Republican voters. Let’s examine Beltram’s history.

In 2009, after a decade as chairman, Beltram was defeated for that position by LaDonna Ryggs by a count of 291 votes for Ryggs; 87 for Beltram.

In the years that followed he continued to unsuccessfully run for several Spartanburg party offices, being soundly defeated each time.  He publicly trashed the reputations of those who defeated him for office, often in an online blog he wrote.  Here’s an example:

January 31, 2011

It appears that Karen Floyd enjoys the comfort of lap dogs, LaDonna Ryggs and Joel Sawyer to provide her with solace and comfort, rather than honest opinions.  LaDonna is unwilling and/or unable to give honest opinions to her even when it is in the best interest of the GOP.

The second lap dog, LaDonna Ryggs has only survived the past two years as Spartanburg GOP Chair because of Floyd’s continual helping hand. 

With Curtis Smith as chairman now, Beltram once again has access to everything in the county party offices, since it is housed inside his property.  Examine in the links above some of the most egregious issues the Spartanburg GOP had to contend with during Rick’s tenure.